Consensus Notebook Test Review

We had a mini review session for a test tomorrow, where we tried to clear up some new things we’ve been doing lately by working through a practice sheet that had a little bit of everything. For example, this group was in charge of the section of the question about “slope statements” – “For every one addition __ of __ , the ___ changes by ___.”

But the thing I was really excited about was how seriously the students were taking the process of recording notes in their Consensus Notebook. I posted about this a while back, but it’s a creation of mine that’s brand new this year – an outline of all the content for the year, with very little information and a whole lot of blank space for note taking. This section, for example would get filled up with suggestions like, “independent variable before dependent variable” as students realize what’s important to keep in mind.

It’s a work in progress, but so far it’s progressing really nicely. I’m still figuring out how to use it (and so are the students, of course), but I think it could be a really valuable addition to the process of constructing knowledge by consensus, especially with ninth graders. More than anything else I’ve seen before, it helps students understand that what they’re capable of doing or using is so much more than what they have on call from memory at any given moment.

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