Energy Project Posters

I’ve been slacking on the posting lately, but I wanted to tell about a project that we finished a couple weeks ago that I felt went pretty darn well.

Basically, students’ job was to find a YouTube video that they thought was cool, break it up into “moments,” and use evidence from the video about height and speed to analyze the energy transfers. There’s a lot of nuance to the project, and it’s a cool way to get kids invested in thinking about how the things we’re working on connect to the actual world. Physics-wise, it gets us talking about “evidence” in a pretty easy, non-threatening way, and students get a chance to figure out the power of “instantaneous quantity” thinking. Many students identify “Moment B” as, “The player dribbles the ball, then shoots,” or something similar – until they figure out what “clock reading” actually means.

Here’s one take on a Kyrie Irving “anklebreaker” crossover:

A cheerleader gets tossed into the air, then caught:

Another Kyrie crossover, this one focusing on the bouncing ball (spot the mistake!):

Falling backwards into a swimming pool:

A dog catching a treat:

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