0-100 Real Quick

One of the tricks of the trade I’ve stumbled across in making my class relatable for kids in an urban school is simply giving students some connections that are culturally relevant to them. One example of this is *ahem* one of my funniest jokes of the year.

It comes from this graph, an example of what lots of kids are inclined to do (before we’ve used those graphs to identify “initial values” over and over again). Rather than being scaled consistently from zero on both axes, this graph goes from zero to 100, “real quick.”

Admittedly, this isn’t funny unless you know the reference. For the uninitiated, here’s a link to the Drake song that I’m quoting here… clean version for the faint of heart.

What this song means for me as a teacher is I can write “0 to 80, real quick!” , etc on any graph axis that’s scaled incorrectly, and kids know exactly what I’m referring to. Here’s to making our graphs more useful than Drake ever would!


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